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clear flex tubing made from highly durable and flexible FDA-approved, food-grade polyurethane

Clear Flex Tubing

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Ensure smooth material flow through your vibratory screener or sifter with our FDA-approved, food-grade Clear Flex Tubing

This highly durable, flexible tubing is made from polyurethane, allowing for easy inspection and maintenance. See-through material permits visible inspections to ensure materials flow freely.


  • Made from FDA-approved, food-grade polyurethane for safe material handling
  • Highly flexible for easy installation and maneuverability
  • Transparent design allows for visual inspection of material flow
  • 10" internal diameter


  • Ensures the safety and hygiene of your equipment and materials
  • Simplifies routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Improves operational efficiency

*Minimum of 5 feet in length is required. Lengths of less than 5 feet can be sold on demand, please call or email about pricing*

If you want 40 feet, for example, you would purchase 2 x 20 feet in the size you need.

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