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Spring and Spool Retrofit Kit for 48"/60" Units
Spring and Spool Retrofit Kit for 48"/60" Units

Spring and Spool Retrofit Kit for 48"/60" Units

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The ScreenerKing proprietary Spring and Spool Retrofit kit is designed to provide an upgrade over materials used in OEM equipment for improved performance and durability. Springs are 6" L x 1.3" I.D. and 0.25" wire thickness. Spools are machined from solid Nylon.  Hardware is Stainless Steel


  • Nylon Spools machined from solid Nylon bar stock have no seams which means no weak points and no "explosions" leading to catastrophic spring failures.  
  • Springs are .25" wire thickness 304 stainless steel and electropolished to provide superior corrosion resistance
  • Hardware used in bolt-on spool applications is 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Choose from either bolt-on spools designed for systems with a through hole on the machine base and motor table or tap-on spools for machines with welded pegs


  • Solid Nylon spools and stainless steel springs and hardware provide extreme durability in all conditions
  • Proper spring recovery tension is required for the machine to operate properly, and springs do lose tension over time


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