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High-Volume Scalping Table Frame
High-Volume Scalping Table Frame

High-Volume Scalping Table Frame

Part No. TF-30-SCALP
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High-Volume Scalping Table Frame: Maximize Throughput & Minimize Spillage in Industrial Screening

Streamline your maximum throughput screening process and eliminate bottlenecks with our industrial-grade High-Volume Scalping Table Frame designed for round vibratory screeners/separators.

Designed for Efficiency:

    • Oversized Radius Outspout: Ensures smooth material flow and minimizes clogging, even with large volumes, significantly boosting throughput compared to standard frames.
    • Sloped Bottom Panel: These frames are made with a radius-oriented oversized out-spout (rather than tangential), a bottom panel sloped downward toward the out-spout, and welded reinforcements added under the bottom panel for durability.
    • Enhanced Durability: Built with robust steel construction and welded reinforcements, this frame withstands demanding industrial environments for long-lasting performance.

Increased Productivity & Safety:

    • Reduced Downtime: Optimized design minimizes the risk of out-spout bottlenecks, keeping your production line running smoothly.
    • Improved Cleanliness: Effective containment of fines and dust promotes a safer and cleaner work area for operators.
    • Versatile Applications: Ideal for various industrial screening processes where high throughput and efficient material handling are crucial.

*Note that these frames are taller than standard frames at 15" total height for 48" and 60" models. The 30" frame is 6 1/2" in height*


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