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power wheel made up of FDA nylon honeycomb de-blinding sliders and polyurethane belt used to keep material in the most efficient part of the screen mesh for increased throughput
Power Wheel - FDA Approved

Power Wheel - FDA Approved

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Maximize your screening operation's efficiency with the Power Wheel

This innovative assembly is designed to assist with screening applications that feature particles that have a tendency to agglomerate, or clump, and to provide mechanical assistance to increase the dwell time of particles without adjusting the weights.


  • FDA-approved food-safe construction: Made from durable, FDA-approved nylon honeycomb sliders and an FDA & EC polyurethane belt, the Power Wheel ensures safe and compliant use in food processing applications.
  • Agglomerate breakdown: The Power Wheel effectively breaks down clumps of material, providing a higher throughput yield
  • Optimized material flow: The design creates an obstruction to the material flow on the outer third of the screen which increases residence time on that part of the screen providing more opportunity for the material to flow through the screen.


  • Increased throughput: By keeping material in the optimal screening zone, and assisting with breaking up clumps, the Power Wheel significantly improves the overall efficiency of your screening operation.
  • Reduced downtime: The Power Wheel can also help keep the screen mesh clear of obstruction, reducing the frequency of required screen cleaning.
  • Improved product quality: Consistent and efficient screening contributes to a higher quality final product.

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